The Affect of Nanoterror

From 2005, the first of several articles I wrote with Luciana Parisi of Abstract Sex fame. Its a quircky one, I think – ‘The Affect of Nanoterror’ in Culture Machine online journal. Writing and reading it gave me a sense of vertigo – a fear of falling endless down through the scales of matter. Funnily enough, thats kind of what its about anyway. I like this bit in particular:

“Biofilms form cityscapes in wetland, dank closets, the stomachs of cows, your mouth, the kitchen drain with a decidedly futuristic look: towers of sphere, cone or mushroom-shaped skyscrapers rising from a hundred to two hundred micrometers upward from a base of dense sticky sugars, big molecules and water. Diverse colonies live in different microneighborhoods. They glide, motor or swim along roadways and canals. “

which is very reminiscent of Greg Bear’s Blood Music.

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