Sonic Anarchitecture

Another short article that has just been published in ‘Autumn Leaves: Sound and the Environment in Artistic Practice’, edited by Angus Caryle (Double Entendre 2007) is called “Sonic Anarchitecture”. The text asks what a sonic topology would be, although in material I am writing just now, a vibrational discontinuum seems more interesting than a vibrational continuum.

Anyway, here is another excerpt from the introduction:

“In an essay entitled “Blob tectonics, or why tectonics is square and topology is groovy”, architectural theorist Greg Lynn outlined the unique problem posed by the ‘blob’ as a formal intervention into the design of urban environments. This short text takes Lynn’s blob on a tangent: the blob becomes not so much an intervention into the visual field of the built environment, but rather into its invisible, affective modulation. As such, ‘Blob tectonics. . .’ becomes an unintentionally key text of bass materialism, implying its own sonic anarchitecture. . .”

More info about it here


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